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 New and beautiful privacy wood fence installed around the property

Tree Care

Trees were properly taken care of whether needed to be removed, trimmed, pruned, or nurtured.


Properly maintaining the lawns on the property as well as proper landscaping of the corn maze to be safe and friendly for all who visit.

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In the coming weeks as you turn your thoughts to autumn activities, consider visiting a corn maze.

The Fall is a wonderful season! Fall means pumpkins, Halloween, fun costumes, apple picking, apple cider (and donuts), leaves changing beautiful colors, and corn mazes! If you’re looking for a fun and safe family activity to enjoy the outdoors, explore the adventure of a corn maze.

An annual festival is featured during the fall where many join us to celebrate the autumn season. Included are some local vendors with food and local goods and home made crafts. As well as, apple picking, the bakery for fresh baked pies, donuts, danishes, and cider.

There are several mazes to choose from, with each having a different difficulty level. Easy/beginner friendly is best for young children. Medium is best for younger and older children. Difficult is best for teens and up. “Lost” is the most difficult, so you are warned before.

Enjoy today!

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Building the Best Fence for Bergmann Corn Maze

Having a fence built surrounding a property is crucial. It provides safety and security for all, including staff and visitors. It gives all a peace of mind so that unwanted strangers and even possibly dangerous animals are not trespassing. That is why it was decided to build a fence that wrapped around the entire property. A fence clearly distinguishes private property to any passing by. 

When you have a fence built, you can expect it to be a long term investment for several reasons. In addition to the monetary investment that you have to put into your fence, there is also the investment of time that you have to put into your fence. You need to know and trust your contractor and you need to be confident that they will follow through and construct a fence that will last and one that will provide maximum security and safety for all of your property.

Fences vary from a thin wire to a thick wooden one. It all depends on the purpose of the fence and it is best to choose what is best suited for the property. There are different kinds of fences and each serves its own purpose. One of the oldest types of enclosure is known as wood fence. This type predates other types, even brick fence. The reason for its popularity is quite simple – wood has always been one of the most common materials used in construction. Today, wooden fences are still very durable and resistant to damage, but due to possible damage from wood-destroying insects, it is best to use treated lumber if you plan to install a wood fence on your property. There are many different varieties of wood treatments available today, so make sure you choose one that will provide you with the level of protection you need.

For a corn maze, a wooden fence is most suitable as it aesthetically fits in to the surroundings and appeal of the activity as well as serves the main purpose of protection, safety, and security for all visitors and staff on the property. There are different types of wood, so that should be considered as well. Going for the higher quality of wood will be more expensive but will be the best investment down the road. A local fence contractor here says that is because as time passes, like most things do, the fence will start to deteriorate and require some repairs here and there, whether it is with or without maintenance. Upkeep is important so that the fence does not expire quickly resulting in needing to replace the entire fence for a new one to soon down the line.

It is a smarter decision to contact a  fence company like the one we used to complete the job instead of attempting it on your own, especially if you don’t have any experience. If it is not installed correctly, the fence can fall down easily by weather conditions or anything hitting it if not secured in the ground properly. Gates may not be hinged in the ground properly resulting in not opening or closing as it should. In the end it can create a nightmare. As a professional service to the public local, especially where there will be many children on property, getting professional help always is the best for most scenarios such as this.

The local tree company took care of removing any trees that needed to be removed so that the multiple corn mazes featured would be able to be created in the fields that is occupied on the property. Here is some helpful tips and advice they have for home and property owners:

Trees are beautiful to look at and can really make your property stand out, but sometimes they can turn into a serious problem for you. If they’re growing too close to the house or hitting power lines, then it might be time to cut them down – remove trees. Just cutting down the tree without any attention is not enough; if you just cut down the tree without removing it, it could become dangerous again. Let the tree removal service professionals take care of this for you.

If your property is covered in too many trees, you might think about getting rid of them altogether – remove trees. Maybe they are growing close to your house or hitting the power lines above the roof. You can’t risk taking care of these issues yourself because you can accidentally cause even more damage if there are just too many problems with different elements on your property. All you have to do is find a company that specializes in this type of work and then let them handle it for you! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you do this job yourself, and just cutting down the tree without removing it could lead to problems in the future because then there would still be unsafe elements surrounding your property. Don’t take any chances and just call a company that is experienced with all types of tree-related concerns. The task must be done carefully and safely so not to create any other problems.

However there is a big difference between a tree that is dying and one that needs to be removed. If you notice that your tree is dying, it is important to know that this does not mean that it has to be removed.

There are a variety of reasons to remove a tree on your property. It may be a hazard. It may be diseased. It may not be in a desired location. Whatever the reason, it is important to know when to remove a tree and how to do it safely. Here are some signs you should remove a tree from your property: Look up in the branches to determine if the tree is alive by looking for green leaves or buds. Foliage is a clear indication that the tree is still alive, but if the branches are bare, it may be dead or dying. The branches are too close to your home or an electric line: Trees that overhang structures and electric lines can be hazardous. If you notice that this is becoming a problem, it’s best to get an expert opinion before removing the tree yourself.

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