Pumpkin Farm Tours (Weekdays)

Come out Monday-Friday until 3 p.m.
Reservations are required.
Call (316) 522-3475

Admission is $6 per person and includes all the activities below.

For school and youth groups, there is no charge to accompanying adults or teachers unless they pick pumpkins also.

For families, it is $6 for each person and everyone gets to pick pumpkins.

This package deal is only available on Monday-Friday.
  • Trailer Ride to Pumpkin Patch
  • Pick one pie pumpkin and one miniature or four miniatures
  • Movie about pumpkins
  • 4 inflatables
  • Trike Track
  • Two-Headed Copperhead
  • Mini-Maze
  • Tractor Tire Swing
  • Tornado Twister
  • Fun Ball
  • Quad Teeter Rider
  • Merry Go Cycle
  • More information...

Pumpkin Farm (Weekends)

Come out Friday-Sunday to pick a pumpkin.
No reservations are required.

There is no Admission Fee, you are only charged for the pumpkins you pick.

Sales tax is already included in all prices.
  • Free Trailer Ride to Pumpkin Patch
  • Jack-o-Lantern size - $7
  • Pie pumpkins - $3
  • Gourds and Mini Pumpkins - $0.50
  • Inflatables & Other Attractions - $8.00
  • More information...

Miniature pumpkins: $0.50 each

Pie pumpkins: $3 each

Absolutely no admission fee, free trailer rides anywhere on the farm, and no matter what size jack-o'-lantern pumpkin you pick, the price is always $7.